My Story

Welcome to Hobbyist to Riches! I’m happy to have you here.

Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Tom, and I’m the person behind this platform all about following your passions and turning them into successful ventures.

I’ve been immersed in hobbies for years, exploring different interests and dedicating lots of time to perfecting my skills. Hobbies bring me so much joy and have become a great way to make money.

With a burning desire to share my experiences and insights, I have published hundreds of blogs, guiding and inspiring individuals like yourself to uncover the extraordinary potential within their hobbies. I discovered that monetizing hobbies is a straightforward path to financial success. It’s amazing to realize I could simultaneously enjoy my passions and make a good income.

Now, I want to help others to unlock their potential and experience the same fulfillment. I firmly believe everyone has a unique passion that can bring personal growth and financial success while they enjoy what they love to do.

Here how’s it started:

I’m originally from the Philippines, and about 18 years ago, I made the courageous decision to move to the United States to pursue higher education. I’ll be honest with you; those early days were far from easy. Adjusting to a new country and culture came with its fair share of challenges. I struggled with my English, and being far from my family was tough. However, with a strong desire to learn and the support of the diverse community around me, I overcame the language barriers and embraced a new culture.

I come from an average family, where resources were limited. They could only support me emotionally as I pursued my dreams. I started to teach myself everything from scratch. Everything I learned, I found on the internet. I watched countless videos on YouTube, followed informative TV shows, read helpful blogs, and connected with people on social media. Through these online resources, I gained the knowledge and skills that have been instrumental in my journey. It was challenging, but my curiosity kept me going.

I only saved $1000 during college from working at a fast-food restaurant. But with determination and a hunger for knowledge, I turned that small amount of money into a successful six-figure income within just three years by gaming. This experience taught me firsthand how hobbies can become profitable businesses.

Throughout the years, I’ve developed and enjoyed various hobbies like working out, gaming, Anime fandom, snowboarding, stock trading, creating gift sets, barbequing, watch collecting, blogging, and so on. I’ve also had the opportunity to travel to different countries, which has exposed me to diverse cultures and opened my eyes to business opportunities related to hobbies.

These experiences have expanded my perspective and shown me that exploring your passions can lead to endless possibilities.

No matter who you Are, I just hope my journey is valuable to you.

My blog’s purpose is to document my journey from day one so that we learn together.

I’m truly passionate about creating content that connects with fellow hobby enthusiasts. I want to empower and inspire you to embrace or turn your passions into life-changing ventures.

Let’s uncover the extraordinary together and let our hobbies drive us to new heights.

With passion and dedication,

Tom Velasco

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