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Paper is an incredibly versatile material that can be folded, cut, glued, and manipulated into endless creative projects.

Getting started with paper crafts is easy, fun, and doesn’t require a lot of supplies.

If you’re new to paper crafting, starting with simple beginner paper crafts is a great way to learn techniques and explore your creativity without feeling overwhelmed.

Why Try Paper Crafts?

Paper crafts provide a soothing, meditative experience that can lower stress and anxiety. The repetitive motions of folding, cutting, or rolling paper are calming. Engaging in artistic pursuits like paper crafts can give your mental health a boost by helping you enter a state of flow.

Paper crafts allow you to express your creativity in a tactile, hands-on way. Seeing your imaginative ideas take shape on paper can be immensely satisfying. You get to create custom, one-of-a-kind objects like cards, decorations, origami figures, and more.

Paper crafts are a great craft for beginners. Paper is inexpensive and easy to find. Basic paper craft supplies like scissors, glue, and some colored paper are simple to get started. The possibilities are endless with just paper and a few tools.

Paper crafts are fun for all ages. They provide an enjoyable and screen-free activity for kids. The simple repetitive actions also appeal to individuals with fidgety hands who need an outlet for excess energy.

How to Gather Paper Crafting Supplies for Beginners?

You don’t need an extensive collection of supplies to start paper crafting. Here are some basic supplies to have on hand:

  • Paper: Cardstock, origami paper, scrapbooking paper, tissue paper, crepe paper, construction paper. Get an assortment of colors and textures.
  • Scissors: Basic scissors for paper are fine. You may want both right-handed and left-handed scissors.
  • Glue: Opt for basic Elmer’s glue, a glue stick, or double-sided tape.
  • Ruler: A basic 12-inch ruler helps with measuring folding lines.
  • Pencil: Use for tracing templates or Sketching drafts.
  • Hole punch: For creating holes to thread string or ribbon.
  • Embossing tool: To create pressed patterns on paper.
  • Bone folder: For creasing smooth, crisp folds in paper.
  • Craft knife: For intricate paper-cutting work.
  • Cutting mat: Protects your work surface when using a craft knife.
  • Popsicle sticks: Helpful for applying glue neatly.

Start with essentials like scissors, glue, ruler, and paper. Expand your toolbox as you advance your paper crafting skills.

Easy Paper Crafts for Beginners

Here are some simple paper crafts for beginners to get you started:

Paper Fortune Tellers

These classic origami creations are a nostalgic treat. Kids especially will love playing with these paper fortune tellers. Follow basic folding instructions to create the origami base. Then customize your fortune teller by writing colors, numbers, or fortunes on the triangular flaps.

Paper Fans

Make a beautiful paper fan by cutting a circle into a semicircle and gluing some popsicle sticks to the straight edge as the fan handle. Decorate your hand fan with crayons, markers, stickers, or origami shapes. Wave these pretty paper fans to beat the summer heat.

Paper Garlands

Cut out different paper shapes and string them together to create a colorful paper garland. Use triangles, circles, squares, or even origami cranes. Hang these cheerful garlands as wall decor or use them to decorate for a party.

Paper Flowers

There are many techniques for crafting flowers out of crepe paper, tissue paper, or cardstock. Try using an embossing tool to add vein details to petals. Curl the edges for a natural look. These handmade paper blooms make lovely gift toppers or wreath decorations.

Paper Beads

Transform strips of colorful magazine pages or scrapbook paper into beads. Brush one side with glue and roll them into beads. String together these DIY paper beads to form unique jewelry or garlands.

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Fun Paper Crafts for Kids

Fun Paper Crafts for Kids

Paper crafts provide enriching creative play for children. Here are some kids’ paper crafts to try:

Paper Bag Puppets

Let their imagination run wild by designing puppets out of simple brown paper bags. Have them color, cut, and glue facial features onto their puppet. Put on a puppet show for family storytime.

Paper Airplanes

Folding paper airplanes is an aerodynamic challenge suitable for all ages. Have contests to see whose origami airplanes fly the farthest! Tweak the folds to create planes that do loops and stunts.

Paper Masks

Make festive masks for playtime dress-up. Use cardstock to create the base shape. Have kids add colorful details with crayons, feathers, pompoms, or glitter glue. Add elastic string to hold the masks on.

Paper Boxes

Print box templates or fold origami boxes as DIY gift boxes. Decorate them with cutouts, stickers, wrapping paper scraps, and ribbons. Kids can use these handmade boxes to hold small treasures.


Printable bookmark templates allow kids to get creative with designs. Laminate them so they stand up to heavy book use. Make them as gifts for teachers, librarians, or avid reader friends.

Creative and Unique Paper Crafts for Beginners

Once you master beginner paper craft techniques, explore more advanced paper arts like quilling, paper weaving, decoupage, iris folding, and kirigami. Here are some outrageously creative papercraft projects to inspire you:

  • Detailed paper-cut silhouette art
  • Mini 3D paper sculpture models
  • Quilled jewelry pendants with elaborate filigree
  • Kirigami pop-up greeting cards
  • Intricate adult coloring pages to frame
  • Papier mâché bowls or vases
  • Toy paper boats with origami sailboats
  • Papier mâché animal masks or piñatas
  • Decorative decoupage trays or picture frames
  • Woven DIY baskets from newspaper rolls
  • Iris folded artwork to showcase in shadow boxes

Look for papercraft books at your local library or search for tutorials online if you want guided instructions for unique projects. Don’t be afraid to experiment and invent your paper projects, too!

Finding Paper Craft Inspiration for Beginners

Not sure what to craft? Find tons of innovative paper craft ideas on these sites:

  • Pinterest: This visual bookmarking site has an endless feed of paper craft tutorials to peruse. Follow boards for constant inspiration.
  • YouTube: The massive crafting community on YouTube is full of detailed paper craft videos to teach techniques.
  • Etsy: Talented artists sell stunning paper art on Etsy. Browse to uncover new paper craft styles.
  • Craft blogs: Look up blogs from paper artists that share their projects and tutorials.
  • Instagram: Follow hashtags like #papercraft to see what others are making.
  • Local craft stores: Shop in person to find paper craft books, idea galleries, and make-and-take crafting workshops.

Helpful Tips for Paper Crafting for Beginners

Keep these tips in mind to make paper crafting easier:

  • Stock up on paper when it’s on sale or check thrift stores for cheap books. Repurpose used paper.
  • Print out paper craft templates before starting a new project.
  • Work on a smooth, clean surface like a table or desk. Cover with a cutting mat.
  • Use a glue stick for easy, mess-free gluing. Apply glue sparingly.
  • Let the glue dry fully before moving or handling paper projects.
  • Store paper craft tools like specialty scissors in a caddy or pouch.
  • Save paper scraps for collages, scrapbooking, or making custom note cards.

To Conclude

With the right mindset and a few essential supplies, paper crafting can be meditative, relaxing, and fun for crafters of all skill levels.

Start simple with easy beginner projects. Then expand your skills at your own pace.

Making paper crafts provides an enriching creative outlet and a sense of pride in handmade objects. Let paper crafting unleash your imagination!

FAQs about Paper Crafts for Beginners

What can I make easy with paper?

There are many easy and creative things you can make with paper, such as origami, paper flowers, paper lanterns, and paper masks. You can also make simple paper crafts like paper planes, boats, and boxes.

What is trending in paper crafts?

Paper quilling and paper marbling are currently trending in paper crafts. Quilling involves rolling and shaping narrow strips of paper into various designs while marbling involves creating colorful patterns on paper using a special technique.

What is the most popular paper craft?

The most popular paper craft is probably origami, which originated in Japan and involves folding paper into various shapes and designs. There are many different types of origami, ranging from simple to complex, so there’s something for everyone.

What toys can you make with paper?

You can make a variety of toys with paper, such as paper airplanes, paper boats, paper cars, and paper dolls. You can also make paper puppets, paper masks, and paper building blocks.

What can I make for a paper gift?

There are many creative and thoughtful paper gifts ideas, such as handmade paper cards, paper flowers, paper lanterns, and paper gift boxes. You can also make a paper photo album or scrapbook, or create a paper mache vase or bowl.

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