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The PlayStation 5 console has been out for over two years now, and many gamers are still wondering – is the PS5 worth buying in 2023?

With new game releases, upgrades to the PS+ subscription service, and comparisons to other next-gen consoles like the Xbox Series X, there’s much to consider when evaluating if the PS5 is a worthwhile investment for your gaming needs.

Looking at the PS5’s capabilities, game library, and overall value can help determine if it’s the right choice for you.

What Are the Key Advantages of the PS5?

There are several appealing benefits to owning a PS5 that make it an enticing new-generation console option:

    • Cutting-edge graphics and performance: The PS5 utilizes an AMD Zen 2 CPU and Radeon Navi GPU that enables 4K resolution gaming at higher frame rates of up to 120fps. The overall visuals, load times, and gameplay experience are greatly enhanced from the previous PS4.

    • Immersive gaming with DualSense controller: The innovative DualSense controller features haptic feedback and adaptive triggers that let you feel subtle gameplay moments like walking through grass or pulling back a bowstring. This takes immersion to new levels.

    • Faster loading with SSD: The built-in solid-state drive significantly decreases load times compared to the PS4’s HDD, getting you into games faster.

    • Spatial audio: The PS5’s Tempest 3D audio tech makes sound effects and music more lifelike, surrounding you in the environment. Compatible TVs and headsets heighten the experience.

    • Free next-gen game upgrades: Many PS4 games get free PS5 upgrades that improve the visuals, performance, and features when played on the new console. This expands the PS5’s catalogue.

    • Exclusive first-party games: PlayStation studios like Naughty Dog, Sony Santa Monica, and Insomniac create system-selling exclusive games for PS5, such as Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart and the upcoming sequels to God of War (2018) and Horizon Zero Dawn.
ps5 vs. Xbox X-Series
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How Does the PS5 Compare to the Xbox Series X?

The Xbox Series X is the PS5’s biggest competitor as a fellow next-gen console. The Series X has similar specs and capabilities – 4K 120fps gaming, fast loading, ray tracing, etc. But there are some key differences:

    • The Series X CPU is slightly faster (3.8GHz vs. 3.5GHz), while the PS5 GPU has 10.28 TFLOPs vs. the Series X’s 12 TFLOPs. Real-world performance is quite similar.

    • The Series X has a larger 1TB SSD compared to the PS5’s 825GB SSD. Both can expand storage via add-on drives.

    • Xbox Game Pass provides subscribers access to hundreds of games for one monthly fee. PlayStation doesn’t have an equivalent service but offers PS+ Premium with an on-demand game catalog.

    • The Xbox ecosystem spans across Xbox consoles, PC, and mobile. The PlayStation ecosystem is more focused on PlayStation consoles and handhelds.

    • PlayStation has more compelling exclusives like God of War, Spider-Man, and Uncharted. Xbox exclusives usually launch on PC too.

Overall the PS5 and Series X are well-matched rivals, so it comes down to game library preferences and ecosystem lock-in. But the PS5 edges out with its exclusive games catalog.

How Does the PS5 Stack Up Against the PS4?

For PlayStation gamers, a key question is how much of an upgrade the PS5 provides over the PS4. As Sony’s previous generation console, the PS4 has an extensive library of great games. But is it worth upgrading?

There are several significant advantages:

    • 4K gaming: Whereas the PS4 is limited to 1080p, the PS5 displays games in crisp, high-res 4K for enhanced visuals. Some games even support upscaled 8K.

    • Higher framerates: 60fps is standard for PS5 games whereas 30fps was the norm for PS4. A smoother 120fps is achievable on PS5 too.

    • Ray tracing: The PS5 introduces ray-traced lighting, reflections, and other effects for greater realism. Ray tracing was unavailable on PS4.

    • Faster loading: Load times on PS4 could get tedious. With its SSD, the PS5 loads exponentially faster.

    • DualSense features: Haptic feedback and adaptive triggers greatly improve gameplay immersion compared to the PS4’s DualShock 4 controller.

    • New generation games: Exciting new franchises like Horizon Forbidden West are PS5-exclusive and can’t be played on PS4.

The PS5 represents a substantial leap over the PS4. While the PS4 still has an excellent back catalog, the PS5 unlocks the future of PlayStation gaming.

Does the PS5 Deliver Where it Matters Most – Gaming Performance?

For most gamers, real-world gaming performance is the decisive factor when judging a console’s worth – and the PS5 delivers phenomenally on this front. The specs aren’t just there for show.

Playing top PS5 titles, the console’s capabilities shine through:

    • Lightning-fast load times: Loading into levels or when fast traveling in open-world games like Horizon Forbidden West or Spider-Man: Miles Morales takes just seconds, keeping you immersed in the experience.

    • Stunning visuals: Whether it’s the ray-traced puddles in Insomniac’s Spider-Man or the striking particle effects in Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart, games look incredible in native 4K or upscaled resolutions.

    • Smooth framerates: Performance modes in games like Call of Duty: Vanguard or Dirt 5 hitting up to 120fps make gameplay incredibly fluid and responsive. Even 60fps feels great.

    • No more waiting: Thanks to the SSD, install sizes are reduced, patches download faster, and there’s no excess disk noise. It removes frustration.

    • Impressive 3D audio: Sony’s Tempest Engine shines with headphones, surrounding you with rich, cinematic sound. It’s especially useful in competitive shooters.

The PS5’s deep feature set directly translates into a stellar, state-of-the-art gameplay experience that just can’t be matched by PS4. Performance validates the PS5 as a worthwhile upgrade.

What Are the Main Drawbacks of Buying a PS5 Right Now?

Despite being an excellent gaming console, there are some downsides to purchasing a PS5 right now:

    • Ongoing stock shortages: Trying to buy a PS5 continues to be difficult due to supply chain problems, especially the disc drive-equipped version. Lotteries and restocks sell out fast.

    • Not enough platform-exclusive games: Many major PS5 games are also available on PS4, minimizing the incentive to upgrade early on. True next-gen exclusives are still quite limited.

    • No 1440p display support: The PS5 doesn’t currently output at 1440p resolution, unlike the Xbox Series X, which is disappointing for gaming monitors. Support may come later.

    • Some accessories are still not worked out: Sony’s PSVR headset is incompatible with PS5, requiring an adapter. Certain officially licensed headsets and fight sticks don’t work either.

    • Occasional performance issues: Though not widespread, some games like Returnal initially had performance problems that required patching before running smoothly.

    • No Dolby Vision support: Dolby’s advanced HDR format for TVs isn’t supported like it is on Xbox Series X. And VRR is still in beta testing.

Considering these limitations, it may be prudent for more casual gamers to wait and pick up a PS5 later in its lifecycle when the kinks are worked out. But early adopters will enjoy the cutting-edge experience.

What is the Gaming Community Saying About PS5 in 2023?

In 2023, PlayStation fans online seem very enthusiastic about the PS5 now that more compelling games are coming out, but also quite frustrated with the lingering supply issues. Some common sentiments:

    • Excitement for big sequels like God of War: Ragnarök and Final Fantasy XVI coming in 2023 exclusively to PS5. These system-selling games justify buying one.

    • Annoyance at ongoing shortages of PS5 consoles, especially the disc drive version. Many are still struggling to find one at retail over two years since launch.

    • Happiness with Sony’s goodwill gestures like the free Call of Duty DLC packs to make up for the supply problems. But people wish they could simply buy one.

    • Praise for the PS Plus Premium service giving access to classic PS1, PS2, PS3, and PSP games. It helps expand the PS5’s catalog.

    • Irritation at the PS5’s lack of 1440p support, forcing monitor gamers to play at 1080p or buy a 4K display.

    • Excitement for rumored upcoming exclusives like a new Silent Hill by Kojima, potential Bloodborne 2, and a new Socom. More exclusives will boost PS5’s appeal.

Overall, players seem enthusiastic about the PS5 and its future but remain rightfully frustrated by the stock situation. More availability and exclusives will boost sentiment further.

Is PlayStation Plus Premium Worth it for PS5 Owners?

PlayStation Plus has expanded into a three-tier subscription service, with the Premium tier aimed at PS5 owners with its game catalog. But is it worth the $119.99 annual cost? There are pros and cons:


    • 400+ PS4, PS5, PS3, PS2, PS1 and PSP games available for unlimited downloading to PS5. New games are added monthly.

    • Time-limited game trials let you preview and select new releases before buying them.

    • Cloud game-streaming lets you play PS3 games on your PS5 without downloading.

    • Exclusive discounts on PSN store purchases.

    • Offers all the benefits of Essential and Extra tiers too.


    • Doesn’t include brand new Sony-published games like God of War: Ragnarök. Only after some months.

    • Cloud streaming quality is dependent on an internet connection. Not all PS3 games are available this way.

    • Monthly game updates are inconsistent in quality and quantity.

    • Many first-party PS4 games missing from the catalogue.

If you want to experience the breadth of PlayStation gaming on one console, PS Plus Premium is worthwhile. But serious gamers may prefer buying new releases individually. Check the catalog first.

best ps5 game - horizon forbidden west

The Best Games You Can Only Play on PS5 Right Now

The most compelling reason to buy any console is its exclusive games. Here are some of the best titles you can only play on PS5 right now:

    • Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart – Insomniac’s colorful action-adventure makes perfect use of the PS5’s ultra-fast loading to jump between fantastical worlds and intense firefights. It looks stunning too.

    • Returnal – This third-person shooter roguelike from Respawn is punishingly difficult but addictive. The immersive DualSense implementation ups the atmosphere.

    • Demon’s Souls – Bluepoint’s faithful remake of the classic dark fantasy game features utterly jaw-dropping visuals only possible on PS5. It’s the ultimate graphical showcase.

    • Spider-Man: Miles Morales – Though available on PS4, this standalone adventure shines on PS5 with ray tracing, 60fps performance, and near-instant loading that captures what it feels like to be Spidey.

    • Horizon Forbidden West – Aloy’s epic open-world odyssey delivers a technical tour de force combining stunning environments with fluid combat. The varied haptics make gameplay even deeper.

    • Sackboy: A Big Adventure – A delightful co-op 3D platformer that flaunts the PS5’s performance for frantic multiplayer fun. Vibrant and adorable.

Owning a PS5 gives you exclusive access to these fantastic experiences that simply can’t be matched on other consoles. For players who want the very best interactive entertainment, the PS5 delivers.

Should I Upgrade to PS5 From My PS4?

For PlayStation 4 owners considering if now is the time to upgrade, there are a few factors to consider:

    • Do you have a 4K TV to take advantage of PS5’s improved resolution? Sticking with 1080p, you won’t see the full visual benefits.

    • Does a faster SSD, 3D audio, DualSense, and higher framerates matter to you? If you care mostly about the games themselves, maybe not.

    • Are you excited to play upcoming PS5 exclusives like God of War: Ragnarök and Final Fantasy XVI? PS4 can’t run them.

    • Have you already played the big PS4 exclusives like God of War (2018), Spider-Man, and The Last of Us Part II? If so, the PS4 catalog has less to offer.

    • How large is your unplayed PS4 backlog? If you have tons of untouched games, upgrading isn’t as pressing.

    • Can you readily purchase a PS5 at retail? With shortages ongoing, buying one remains difficult. Don’t overpay from resellers.

If you’re still deeply engaged with PS4 gaming, an upgrade can likely wait. But hungry for next-gen experiences, the PS5 may be irresistible despite supply woes. Ultimately depends on your gaming priorities.

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Is the PS5 a Smart Investment Compared to Building a Gaming PC?

Considering the ongoing graphics card pricing crisis, investing in a PS5 is arguably a smarter move currently than building a comparable spec gaming PC. Here’s why:

    • Cheaper cost: The PS5 Disk is $499 MSRP, while an equivalent gaming PC costs over $1,000 currently for just the GPU alone, let alone other components.

    • Simpler setup: With a console, just plug and play. Building a PC requires researching components and troubleshooting inevitable issues.

    • Exclusive games: PlayStation exclusives like God of War: Ragnarök can only be played on PS5. PC misses out aside from a small selection of PlayStation ports.

    • Equal performance: The PS5’s hardware, especially the ultra-fast SSD, delivers similar gaming performance to an averagely-specced modern gaming PC.

    • Big screen friendly: It’s easier to play from a couch on a giant 4K TV with a PS5. PC gaming shines more at a desk with a monitor.

    • No upgrades needed: The PS5’s specs are fixed for its lifespan. PC builders face endless upgrade costs to stay current.

    • Used games and lending: PS5 games can be bought used or borrowed among friends. No such option exists on PC digital platforms.

With outrageous GPU prices, building a gaming PC with performance on par with a PS5 just isn’t practical. Both are great options, but the financial value lies with PlayStation right now.

In Conclusion: Is PS5 Worth Purchasing in 2023?

Evaluating its strong exclusive games catalog, excellent technical capabilities that enable stunning graphics and performance, and superior value over building a similarly specced gaming PC, the PS5 proves itself a worthy investment for gamers in 2023.

The console’s impressive processing power and ultra-fast SSD in particular pay off directly in-game through reduced loading times, smoother framerates, heightened immersion, and expansive open worlds not possible last generation. Paired with gorgeous visuals only achievable through 4K and ray tracing, the PS5 delivers a next-gen leap that the PS4 can’t replicate.

While ongoing availability issues and a lack of brand-new first-party exclusives early in its lifecycle are definite drawbacks, the PS5 still succeeds as an exciting pathway into the gaming future that gets better every month. With system-sellers like God of War: Ragnarok and Final Fantasy XVI slated for 2023, the PS5 is only becoming a more enticing proposition for gamers who want the cutting edge of interactive entertainment.

For PlayStation fans eager to experience franchises like Spider-Man, God of War, and Horizon at their absolute best, or competitive players wanting the highest framerates and lowest input lag, the PS5 is worth the investment. Lacking must-have console exclusives, the next generation of gaming truly starts with PlayStation.

FAQs – Is the PS5 Worth It in 2023?

How can I get a PS5?

You can purchase a PlayStation 5 either through major online retailers such as Amazon, Best Buy, Target, Walmart, and GameStop, or at your local gaming store, but remain in short supply. You can also buy the digital edition of the console which does not come with a disc drive. The digital edition tends to cost less than the regular console. 

How much does a PlayStation 5 cost?

The PS5 Digital Edition (no disc drive) retails for $399.99 while the PS5 with disc drive retails for $499.99. Bundles including games and accessories run $549-$599 typically.

Is there any way to play games from my older PlayStation 4 console?

Yes, most PlayStation 4 titles will be playable on your new PlayStation 5 console using backward compatibility. This means you’ll be able to continue playing many of your favorite titles without having to purchase them again.

What is the biggest complaint about the PS5 hardware?

The most common complaint is the relatively small built-in SSD size of just 825GB. With some games exceeding 100GB, it can fill up fast and requires additional external storage.

Are there any concerns about the PS5’s operating temperature?

The PS5 can run quite hot, especially vertically oriented, leading to fan noise. Improvements to cooling efficiency may be needed long-term to prevent overheating.

Is the PlayStation 5 a good investment for gaming?

With its powerful hardware enabling stunning graphics, lightning-fast loading, immersive haptics, and a growing library of big exclusives, the PS5 is an excellent investment for serious console gamers.

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