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Many music lovers view going to concerts as more than just a fun night out. For them, it’s a deeply rewarding hobby.

But is concert-going a hobby?

Let’s take a closer look at what defines a hobby and whether attending concerts fits.

What Makes an Activity a Hobby?

For an activity to be considered a hobby, it usually needs to meet a few key criteria:

  • It’s an activity done regularly for enjoyment
  • It involves active participation and often requires learned skills or knowledge
  • It’s not tied to making a living; it’s done voluntarily during free time
  • It provides personal enrichment and satisfaction

Does Concert-Going Align with These Hobby Criteria?

When looked at through the lens of those hobby qualifications, going to concerts seems to measure up.

It Can Be Done Regularly for Enjoyment

Music fans often attend multiple concerts each year simply for the joy of the experience. For passionate concert-goers, it’s not uncommon to see a favorite band perform every time they come through town.

It Requires Some Learned Skills

While concert-going may seem simple on the surface, dedicated hobbyists often develop specialized skills and knowledge. For example:

  • Learning when and where to buy tickets
  • Mastering when to arrive for good spots
  • Gaining an understanding of sound mixing and acoustics
  • Figuring out what to bring and wear

It’s Voluntary and for Personal Enrichment

Unlike musicians who play concerts for a paycheck, audience members attend strictly for personal entertainment and emotional rewards. They willingly devote discretionary time and income.

It Provides Deep Satisfaction

Talk to any concert devotee and you’ll likely hear stories of magical moments that sparked joy, inspiration, and connection. The memories and meaning derived can last a lifetime.

Benefits of Making Concerts a Hobby

Approaching concert-going as a hobby rather than a casual outing can enrich the experience and provide some great perks.

Discover New Music and Artists

Seeking out concerts as a hobby pushes you to branch out musically. You can discover talented new acts in support slots and lower ticket prices for unknowns make sampling new genres affordable.

Meet People with Shared Tastes

Fellow concert hobbyists often form a community, bonding over favorite bands. You’re likely to make new friends with similar musical passions.

Always Have Plans for Fun Nights Out

With a steady calendar of must-see shows, you’ll never lack exciting plans. There’s always a concert on the horizon to look forward to.

Feel More Connected to Your Passion

Seeing musicians you love perform live can make you feel more invested in the music. The hobby deepens your connection to the art form.

Enjoy a Mood Boost from Live Shows

Research suggests that attending live music events can increase dopamine and other feel-good brain chemicals. The experience leaves you on a high.

Gain Deeper Music Knowledge

Paying close attention to many live performances lets you better understand compositions and musicianship techniques. It’s like an interactive classroom for learning music intricacies.

Tips for Making Concert-Going Even More Rewarding

To get the most fulfillment from concerts as a hobby, here are some handy strategies:

Discover Bands Early and Track Them

Being an early supporter at small venues lets you bond with rising groups. Follow them as they grow so you can attend both intimate and large shows.

Learn the Best Days to Buy Tickets

Ticket release dates vary. Finding the ideal timing for the least competition and best deals takes some research.

Splurge Occasionally on VIP Perks

Special packages can get you exclusive access, guaranteed spots, or artist meet-and-greets. These elevated experiences make special shows more memorable.

Check Setlists from Earlier Tour Stops

You can anticipate what songs are likely to get played. Brush up on lyrics and backstories to sing along and better appreciate them live.

Bring High-Quality Ear Plugs

Protect your hearing without sacrificing sound. High-fidelity earplugs let you enjoy concerts long-term.

enjoying music concert

Finding Concerts to Attend

Chasing concerts as a hobby takes some legwork to track down upcoming shows and snag tickets. Here are the top resources for finding live music events:

  • Artist websites – The best source for tour date announcements
  • Songkick – Concert tracking site and app with comprehensive listings
  • Bandsintown – App to follow artists and get notifications when they announce local shows
  • Rolling Stone – Wide-ranging concert calendar spanning all genres
  • Pollstar – Industry resource with tour news and box office data
  • Local venues – Check schedules for smaller clubs and theaters in your area

Saving Money on Concert Tickets

While some giant arena and festival shows are pricey, there are also plenty of ways to see live music on a budget:

  • Buy pre-sale tickets whenever possible
  • Join artist fan clubs for ticket presale code access
  • Consider obstructed view or standing-room-only tickets
  • Attend free festivals and community concert series
  • Volunteer at festivals in exchange for free admission
  • Enter radio and local promoter ticket giveaways
  • See rising acts at small venues before ticket prices surge
  • Watch for discounts like student and military deals
  • Use cash-back ticketing apps like SeatGeek

Making the Most of Concert Night

A few preparation tips can help you maximize the awesome concert-going hobby:

  • Arrive early – Get a great spot and soak in the atmosphere
  • Bring earplugs – Protect hearing without sacrificing sound quality
  • Dress comfortably – Focus on the show, not distracting clothes
  • Explore the venue – Find bars, merch booths, and best bathroom spots
  • Chat with other fans – Bond over shared musical passions
  • Avoid using phones – Stay present in the experience
  • Soak it all in – Savor the moments fully with all your senses

Using Concerts to Meet People

Beyond the music, concerts can help you make awesome new connections, including:

  • Chat while waiting in lines – Fans around you often share your interests
  • Talk setlists and memories post-show – Recount highlights together like shared experiences
  • Join artist fan clubs – Meet other passionate supporters at gatherings
  • Volunteer at venues or festivals – Bond with fellow music lovers giving back
  • Meet up before shows – Groups like Concert Pals connect concert buddies

Top Concerts to Catch in Major Cities

Each city offers distinct concert experiences across various genres. Here are just a few top shows to seek out:

New York City

  • Madison Square Garden mega-shows
  • Intimate gigs at Bowery Ballroom, Mercury Lounge, Baby’s All Right
  • Lincoln Center concerts spanning classical, jazz, opera, dance
  • Summer shows at Central Park, Prospect Park, Forest Hills Stadium

Los Angeles

  • The Wiltern, El Rey – mid-size venues with eclectic bookings
  • Hollywood Bowl – iconic outdoor amphitheater with stunning acoustics
  • The Echo, The Satellite – emerging artists in Silver Lake/Echo Park
  • Walt Disney Concert Hall – LA Philharmonic in an architectural marvel


  • Metro, Park West, Thalia Hall – diverse slates of artists
  • Ravinia – sprawling outdoor venue north of the city
  • Lollapalooza – landmark downtown summer festival
  • Blues and jazz on the historic South Side


  • Ryman Auditorium – “Mother Church of Country Music”
  • Bluebird Cafe – intimate songwriter performances
  • Grand Ole Opry – country music’s most famous stage
  • Small dive bars on Lower Broadway – future stars get start

New Orleans

  • Jazz & Heritage Festival – genre-spanning talent each April
  • Preservation Hall – intimate jazz venue in the French Quarter
  • Tipitina’s – legendary spot for local funk/zydeco bands
  • Frenchmen Street – live music hot spot with endless options
3 women are enjoying a concert festival

Can’t-Miss Music Festivals Around the World

For the dedicated concert hobbyist, music festivals provide concentrated opportunities to catch dozens of artists. Top global festivals include:

  • Glastonbury (England) – Epic and eclectic, with 175,000 festival-goers
  • Coachella (California) – Trend-setting with major pop and rock acts
  • Primavera Sound (Spain) – Diverse indie talent on the Barcelona coast
  • Lollapalooza (Illinois) – Chicago’s giant fest spotlighting pop/rock/hip-hop
  • Exit (Serbia) – Massive electronic dance music party within a fortress
  • Roskilde (Denmark) – Rock, pop, urban, and world music, owned by a nonprofit
  • Rock in Rio (Brazil) – One of the world’s largest festivals since 1985
  • Summer Sonic (Japan) – Major international acts play in two cities over one weekend
  • SXSW (Texas) – Indie music explosion with hundreds of rising and established performers

Is Concert-Going a Legitimate Hobby?

Looking at all the evidence, going to concerts seems to meet the criteria for being considered a real hobby. Music fans who immerse themselves in live show experiences regularly can gain skills, satisfy their passions, and form a community.

Approaching concert attendance as a hobby rather than a one-off event opens up many rewards. You’re likely to discover more new music, meet kindred spirits, feel connected to an art form you love, and create unforgettable memories along the way.

FAQs – Is Going to Concerts a Hobby?

What is the feeling of going to a concert?

Going to a concert can be an incredibly rewarding experience. It can bring you a sense of worth, belonging, and culture. People who love going to concerts often comment that the feeling is incomparable and that they would link it to no other experience.

How should you prepare for your first concert?

If you’re planning on attending your first concert, make sure you pay attention to detail when it comes to preparation. First, pick out an outfit or dress code based on what type of show you’re going to. Then plan for transportation if necessary and consider buying tickets in advance. You may want to research the venue beforehand so you know what type of crowd will be at the show as well as any rules or regulations regarding food or drinks.

Why should I go to more than one concert?

Going to more than one concert is important for several reasons. It allows you to bond with fellow music enthusiasts, create lasting memories with friends, and gain insight into different kinds of music cultures from around the globe. Additionally, attending multiple concerts will allow you to explore new genres while deepening your understanding of classic ones.

Can I bring my friends along when I go to concerts?

Absolutely! Bringing friends along is a great way to share the experience and create lasting memories. Not only does it allow everyone involved in the experience more room for exploration, but it also provides a sense of community and support amongst each other throughout the night.

Is there an age limit for attending concerts?

Generally speaking, most venues have age restrictions which vary from place to place but typically lie between 16-18 years old depending on location, show type (e.g., metal vs. pop), and whether alcohol is served at the venue or not. It’s best practice to check with each venue before purchasing tickets.

How do I find out about upcoming concerts?

The best way is by doing some research online via search engines like Google or Bing as well as social media sites like Facebook or Twitter where promoters tend to post their events regularly. Additionally, local newsletters and magazines might have listings about upcoming shows so make sure you keep up to date on those as well.

What are some tips for making each concert memorable?

Make sure you take lots of pictures, and videos, engage in conversations with people who share similar interests, buy merchandise from your favorite artists, wear something unique or meaningful (like clothes from high school), and connect with people online after shows through comments/linking, attend pre-show parties/meetups if available. Most importantly just enjoy yourself!

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